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Charles Mongillo

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Charles Mongillo

State: GA
City: McDonough
Office: President
Party: Independent
Web Page:
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Candidate Information for: Charles Mongillo

Let me start by saying that I am a somewhat rational, reasonable, realistic person, and I have no expectations of becoming the next president. This site and my run for office is not about me becoming president. It's about finding out what we, the people, really want in our elected officials. It's about finding better ways to make our decisions when we vote, and getting the people that represent us best elected to office. 

Like others, I have opinions. Unlike others I know my opinions and 'facts' aren't always right. In the political arena there are too many obstacles to overcome by myself, so I intend to run the worlds first Open-Source presidential campaign. By that I mean I’ll be the chalk-board we draw on to create the president we would like to see in office.

We know schools like Harvard and Yale can create good politicians, but I think America can make an even better one.

Here is how I intend my campaign to work. I will come up with an issue or, through the HopeSmart show, a guest will bring up an issue. I will then put the issues I think are important on the issue section of this profile page along with my interpretation of the issue. The way I intend to interpret an issue is as follows: 

1) Be constitutional 
2) Promote Freedom, Life, and our pursuit of happiness

I don't know if it's ever been clarified before, but everything is logical if you modify the goal. You may have noticed that anyone with an opinion thinks their argument is the most logical, even when others have exactly the opposite argument. Surprisingly, both arguments can be 100% logical. Allow me to give you an example. Take your finger and find a logical way to touch your head. Now take your finger and find a logical way to touch your computer screen. Which action was the most logical? They both were, but if you were trying to touch your head and found your finger on the computer screen then your method was an illogical approach to the problem.

This is how you can help. Once I write an issue on this page, if you know of a better, more logical way to constitutionally promote our freedom, life, and our pursuit of happiness regarding the issue then I want to know it. I will attempt to adjust my responses to each issue based on the best arguments that satisfy the goals stated above.

How do I know my goals are correct? I don't. I've never been a politician before, so if I’m missing something feel free to let me know.

In short, I don't question the patriotism of anyone who decides to run for political office. I believe each candidate wants whats best for America, but each candidate has their own approach. I just want to know what those approaches are so I can tell if they represent me or not. I think you want this too.

It is my great hope that we will elect the best candidates for each political office so America can always be free, strong, and enjoyed by all those who come after us.

Typically, on the information page you should find back story on the person running for office, but as a computer programmer, tucked away in my home office for the last 20 years, my back story is pretty dull and uninspiring.

As you can probably tell, I have no speech writers, and sometimes it's difficult for me to express what I am trying to say in a clean efficient manner. As time allows I will continue to work on the information you'll see on my profile so, please, stop back again.
Energy, Oil, Coal, Solar, Wind, Nuclear

Currently I find myself agreeing with many politicians that are tired of having so much dependance on foreign oil. Paying for oil to help finance anti-americanism, and then paying them again to help rebuild just does not sound like a great idea to me especially when we have an abundance of oil right here in America.

I'm for producing our own energy, coal, solar, wind, oil, nuclear.

I still need more information on the good and bad sides of each of these before I can better solidify my position on this. However, at this time I would be for more drilling on American soil by Americans. I am currently against the no regulation policies of president Bush's administration.

Total Votes: 1
Total Score: 1
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The cure to cancer and other diseases

As I am sure you are aware the government spends billions of dollars of your money every year on war.

If elected, I will endeavor to put 20 billion of your dollars toward cures for cancer and other diseases.

I strongly believe in keeping government small, and letting the people choose where their money is spent. However, in this case, I believe our best chance at a solution for cancer is with the government's help.

Unlike our current presidents health care plan, where he attempts to remove pre-existing condition limitations from your health insurance, I intend to work toward curing those pre-existing conditions.

Like many of you, I watched the health care bill get passed in to law. I watched as our elected officials voted on a bill that was never even read by many of those officials. It was a bill so huge some parts were left out until the bill was being discussed and then added in during the debate.

I don't know about you, but, in the case of the expensive "free" healthcare plan, I do not feel represented. So, here, I want to be upfront and transparent about this, and tell you, if elected, I will spend 20 billion dollars of your money toward cures for cancer and other diseases.

I have no intention of hiding behind closed doors to get bills passed without your represented input. I am telling you this now so you can decide for yourself if this is representative of you, and a way in which you would want your money spent.

Depending on how well the budget is managed, "free" healthcare may, or may not, be something your children will be able to benefit from in the future. A cure, on the other hand, would be something they can use. I believe it is worth the expenditure.

Cancer treatment is a billion dollar industry. From a profit standpoint there is not really much incentive to cure it.

I plan to change this dynamic by changing the incentive in a way that even the most greedy drug pharmaceutical will want to be the first to produce the cure.

My initial plan:

1) Set up a group of researches to begin research and development.

2) Open the information gained to the public so you can see the progress as it happens in order to let you know serious effort is being made, and allowing pharmaceutical and other research camps to use any achievements or advancements made that may help them with their own private research.

3) The cure will happen in one of two ways.

a) A private company will find the cure. This company will be able to sell it like any other drug they would have produced. The government research group will stop work on this cure for this company to gain any benefit associated with the cure.

b) The governmental research group discovers the cure. If this should be the case, then the governmental group will freely distribute the science behind the cure to any and all private companies so they can each produce their own version of the drug. The government group wont sell any drug. That will be up to the private companies to create, distribute and price as they decide.

This plan will both assist all involved in finding the cure to cancer and other diseases, and will not impede any private companies ability to make a profit, while creating serious incentive to get the cure found.

These are my initial thoughts on how to make the cure happen. As always, all input for refinement and improvement is welcome.

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